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Streamlabs App

While we recommend using Prism Live on iPhone and IRL Pro on Android, you can use the Streamlabs app to stream RTMP to our service.

App Set Up

You will need to subscribe to Streamlabs Ultra in order to use the "Custom RTMP" platform type in the app.

  • Login to our dashboard and start your server
  • Go to "Settings -> Ingests"
  • Select an ingest to stream to and click the "RTMP" button
  • Press "Go Live"
  • In the platform selection dropdown, select "Connect another account"
  • At the bottom of the list, press "Setup" next to Custom RTMP
  • Name it whatever you would like
  • Copy the "RTMP URL" from our dashboard into the "URL" field
  • Copy the "Key" from our dashboard into the "Stream Key" field
  • Press submit
  • When you go live on the app to the created RTMP platform, you should see bitrate show up after a short while in our dashboard.
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