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Auto Scene Switcher

The Auto Scene Switcher controls OBS's current scene according to ingest health.

Location: Settings -> System

Available Settings

How It Works

The Auto Scene Switcher operates by watching the bitrate of an ingest (whatever is set as the main ingest in "Settings -> Ingests"), and switching scenes for you when the ingest's bitrate crosses one of the thresholds. For example, if you're on the "Ingest" scene, and the bitrate falls below the "Low-bitrate Threshold" value, it will switch to the "Ingest Low-bitrate" scene for you.

The scene switcher will only change the current scene for you if you are in one of the three associated scenes, designated by a robot icon in the Dashboard (normally "Ingest", "Ingest Low-bitrate", "Ingest Offline"). If you are not on one of these scenes, the scene switcher will not activate.

The scene names associated with full bitrate, low bitrate, or offline bitrate can be customized on request. Please contact staff.

Bitrate Thresholds

Low-bitrate Threshold defines the bitrate at which the scene will be switched to "Ingest Low-bitrate". Bitrate above this threshold correlates to the scene being switched to "Ingest".

Offline Threshold defines the bitrate at which the scene will be switched to "Ingest Offline".

Scene Switch Mode

By default, the scene switcher will only activate when your stream is live. You can configure this behavior to disable the feature altogether, or have it always enabled.

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