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Third-party OBS Plugins

We support third-party OBS plugins (with some exceptions). By default, our OBS instances come with the following third-party plugins installed:

  • StreamFX
  • Advanced Scene Switcher
  • Pango Text Source

Some plugins that work well:

  • Downstream Keyer
  • Move Transition
  • Streamup
  • Transition Table

If you would like to have a plugin that isn't installed by default added to your server, please contact staff.

There are a few requirements to adding third-party plugins:

  • The plugin must have support for the Linux operating system
  • The plugin must have source code available to us in some form (it is extremely rare for this not to be the case)
  • This list is not exhaustive, and there are some rare cases where a plugin cannot be added due to a technical conflict or incompatibility.
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