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Twitch/Kick Clips Player

The Clips Player is a great way to entertain viewers with a generated playlist of Twitch or Kick clips.

Creating a Player

Note: The Clips Player comes included with our Advanced Plan subscription, or a $5/mo upgrade option for the Standard Plan

  • Start up your server and navigate to "OBS -> Remote"
  • Choose a scene you'd like to add the player to
  • Under the sources widget, click the + and choose "IRLToolkit Clips Player" from the list

  • For minimum functionality, you must fill out the following fields:
    • Clips Platform
    • Platform Username
  • Scroll to the bottom of the properties and press the "Reload Playlist" button
  • After a short delay, if clips matching your criteria were found, you should see clips begin playing

Player Configuration

Note: The clips player will automatically regenerate the playlist every 24 hours to keep your playlist up to date.

The Clips Player has the following properties:

  • General Settings
    • Clips Platform | Platform to scan for clips on
    • Maximum Clips Playlist Size | Number of clips to attempt to load into the playlist. If there are not enough clips to load for the given criteria, the playlist may be shorter than specified
    • Blank Frames Between Clips | Between clips, the player must begin loading the next clip. While there will always be a minimum delay between clips as a result of loading, you can set a minimum fixed delay between clips
    • This feature is useful if for example you want to create a transition-like experience, you can place another media source underneath the player, the player will hide and expose the media under it between clips
  • Channel-based Playlist Settings
    • Platform Channel Name | The name of the Twitch channel to search for clips on
    • Category/Game Name | Filter clips based on a specific Twitch category
    • Minimum Clip Views | Minimum views required for a clip to be allowed into the playlist
    • Fetch Period | Restrict clip eligibility based on age
    • Blacklisted Clip IDs | If you have specific clips that you would like to avoid being placed in the playlist, you may enter them into this list
    • To get a clip ID:
  • Manual Playlist Settings
    • Whitelisted Clip IDs | If you have specific clips that you explicitly want to include in the playlist, enter them here
    • The same instructions apply as for "Blacklisted Clip IDs" for obtaining the clip ID
    • No clips specified in this list will be filtered by the Channel-based filtering criteria
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