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01 IRLToolkit Chat Bot Commands

The twitch bot is a relatively simple yet reliable way to control the stream.

The channel that the bot listens for commands on can be set in the dashboard through Settings > System > Twitch Bot.
The bot can join multiple channels using a comma-separated list. Eg. mychannel,secondchannel
The commands for the twitch bot are below.
Any command argument prefixed with (f) uses fuzzy matching to find a best match.
Any command argument prefixed with ? is an optional argument.
If any ingestName argument is not specified, the main ingest will be assumed. (Only relevant for users with multiple ingests.)

The bot can also be customized on request to change the permissions required to run a command.

Default Access Level Command                             Description
All+ !b, !bitrate Get the bitrate in Kbps that is coming into the server, from all ingests
All+ !avinfo Get ingest info like resolution, fps and codec
All+ !tc, !timecode Get the precise current stream duration
Mod+ !f [(f)?ingestName] Fix the ingest if it gets messed up (audio crackle, video desync)
Mod+ !m [(f)?ingestName] Toggle mute on the ingest. Will respond with whether it muted or unmuted the ingest.
Mod+ !ss [(f)?sceneName] Switch to the desired scene. Not specifying a scene will respond with the current scene. Uses fuzzy matching, so your message does not have to contain the exact scene name.
Broadcaster !startstream Start stream output in OBS
Broadcaster !stopstream Stop stream output in OBS
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